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PS Vita 3G MODs
Modifications to the PlayStation VITA that make it better or simply cooler and unique.

File compatibility and 3G connectivity are actually the strongest points of the PlayStation Vita. The PS Vita 3G allows video and comic compatibility for those who enjoy watching and reading. Users can also open their pictures since the device allows JPEG, TIFF and GIF. Sound files can also be saved into the PlayStation Vita 3G GPS Hard disc’s internal memory including MP4, AAC, WAV, MP4 and other audio and video formats. Since the external slide of the PSV is equipped with cameras, users can easily take snapshots and upload it to their favorite social networking site.  Yes, the Sony PS Vita can be used to browse the web and open various websites and networking apps. Connectivity would depend on the user if he would be using the WI-FI feature or if he prefers to use his carrier. 

The price for the Play Station Vita would actually depend on the package and connectivity that users would acquire. For the WiFi only package, users would only need to pay 250$ for the set. For both the WiFi and carrier package, the price for each PSVita unit would increase up to 300$.

PSV Emulator - PlayStation Vita Emulation
Download a working PS Vita Emulator for PC.
iPad and iPhone version is in development.
Mac OSX PSVita emulation guide. We will not rest until we have made the downloads available to anyone interested in playing their legally bought games on any platform be it PC Windows, Mac OS or iOS or Linux.



Top Vita Games

When searching for the next game to play it is useful to see what are the current most and arguably the best games.


Frame rates

System requirements and framerates you can expect with your setup. Compare and find the best settings



No emulation is perfect, have a look at what type of compatibility you can expect from the PSVita emulator.



Click here to download the latest version of the PSVemulator.exe file. (We can not provide games do to copyright law)

            If there are any problems with PSV Emulators, is that there are only a handful of games that can be played on certain PS Vita emulators. Which means it is possible that you have to download certain PSP Emulators to play one game and download other PSV emulator for another games. But before you complain, know that programmers of all races are trying their best to deliver the best working PSP Emulators for all types of games. And they are not backing down. Most of the available PS Vita emulators that you can find on the internet are frequently updated with new games to play.

sony playstation vita colors

Will be published when the PSVemu testing ends.

ps vita 3g mods hacks

“ When it comes out it could be the best Android emulator possible. Playing all Vita games and the .apk file games intended for the Android tablets and phones would be a fantastic proposition. „
- Jonathan Dow,

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We are here to take the first starting position for spreading the downloads when they inevitably will come. If not us - who would be willing to do that?
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