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The Use of PSV emulators for playing games on PC
Work in progress. Homebrew on the Sony PSP part is working.

With the use of your PS Vita emulators, you can Play PlayStation VITA games on PC. Yes, imagine you can now enjoy your favorite games with the use of your computer and some PSV emulators. Those cool PlayStation Vita emulators would only work if they are fitted with the right Firmware. For instance, one of the newest types of firmware is the 4.01 version. This updated version for the PS Vita would be perfect for running various programs including those for PSV emulators based games. The new firmware includes a CPU clock Frequency repair code which would resolve the issue with the PlayStation VITA. The CPU clock frequency problem can be really disastrous especially for those who would be running the PS Vita emulators since the bug would occasionally slow down or halt the games.

Aside from the CPU clock frequency issue, the new firmware for the PlayStation Vita also includes other programs that are in Spanish to function well. This means that PSV emulators which are based on Spanish would work perfectly with the machine.

PSV Emulator - PlayStation Vita Emulation
Download a working PS Vita Emulator for PC.
iPad and iPhone version is in development.
Mac OSX PSVita emulation guide. We will not rest untill we have made the downloads available to anyone interested in playing their legaly bought games on any platform be it PC Windows, Mac OS or iOS or Linux.



Frame rates

System requirements and framerates you can expect with your setup. Compare and find the best settings



No emulation is perfect, have a look at what type of compatibilty you can expect from the PSVita emulator.


Top Vita Games

When searching for the next game to play it is usefull to see what are the current most and arguably the best games.



Click here to download the latest version of the PSVemulator.exe file. (We can not provide games do to copyright law)

Our Goal
To have the distribution channel - that is this site ready for when the PSV Emulator is released!

Download PSV ISO and CSO files - PS Vita 3G MODs

aboutFor those gamers who enjoy their old favorites, the PlayStation Vita supports backwards compatibility. Old games from the PlayStation portable series can be operated with the PS Vita. Players can also download their PlayStation suite games, PS1 classics and the PlayStation minis or the new and improved PS Vita Games. Amazingly, all of the games before can be played using the analog sticks connected within the front part of the PSV. In the event the user would be saving too many games, single memory sticks can be used in order to compensate for the memory. The PlayStation Vita has dual memory stick capabilities which allows users to either use SD or any other memory cards. The internal memory of the Sony Play Station Vita also has a save game memory protocol which designates around 10-12% of the internal memory to saved games. Hence, players would be able to save more games in their PSV Console. 

Pokemon emulator free download apps for iPhone, Android and Windows 10.

sony playstation vita colors

Will be published when the PSVemu testing ends.

PSV Emulator

“ When it comes out it could be the best Android emulator possible. Playing all Vita games and the .apk file games intended for the Android tablets and phones would be a fantastic proposition. „
- Jonathan Dow,

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not possible at this time as there is no emu.

We are here to take the first starting position for spreading the downloads when they inevitably will come. If not us - who would be willing to do that?
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